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The Independent Republic of London?

Buzzfeed recently put up 13 charts showing why London is Basically Another Country, The evidence included: London is much richer, Londoners come from everywhere; which means that they speak all sorts of languages; and London is far less white than the rest of Britain; Londoners are much better qualified, and much younger. With Independence the defining political issue of the era, we provocatively ask our panel: is it London’s turn?

About the speaker

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was exiled from her birthplace, Uganda, in 1972. She is a journalist, author and academic. She has written for the Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, New York Times, Time Magazine and was a weekly columnist for The Independent for 18 years. She is now a columnist for I newspaper, International Business Times and the New European. She is also a well-known radio and TV broadcaster. She has won several awards including the Orwell prize for political writing and in 2017, National Press Awards Columnist of the year prize. She has been shortlisted again in 2018. She was also given The Asian Media award for outstanding contribution to the Media. Her last book, Exotic England, explored England’s love of the east. She is a part-time professor at Middlesex University where she teaches and advises on policy and projects. In 2018, she will embark on a programme of research into the well-being of troubled young Muslims and work with practitioners on effective responses. She has twice been voted the 10th most influential Asian in Britain.

This panel discussion will take place on Tuesday 13th of March at 4:30 pm in the Boardroom C219. In order to guarantee a seat for this event, please rsvp via this Eventbrite page.