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About the speaker

Sophia Drakopoulou is a Director of Programmes and Senior Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communication at Middlesex University. Her research explores location-based technologies and the urban environment. She’s a co-founder of Cybersalon a think tank on networked cultures,

The Independent Republic of London?

Buzzfeed recently put up 13 charts showing why London is Basically Another Country, The evidence included: London is much richer, Londoners come from everywhere; which means that they speak all sorts of languages; and London is far less white than the rest of Britain; Londoners are much better qualified; and much younger. With Independence the defining political issue of the era, we provocatively ask our panel: is it London’s turn?

This panel discussion will take place on Tuesday 13th of March at 4:30pm in the Boardroom C219. In order to guarantee a seat for this event, please rsvp via this Eventbrite page.