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Ebba Cappelen

As a part of her third year here at Middlesex University, Ebba decided to join the team at North London Story Festival. Since she grew up backstage watching other people bust their ass, she now feels it is her time to shine. Having booked in workshops and prepared for the festival, she is ready for just about anything.

Ethan Jeffcutt

Ethan is currently a student at Middlesex University studying a foundation year in Media and hoping to go on to do Television production. He was originally pursuing a career in standup, until he sat down. He has a background in preforming arts featuring in blockbuster films such as: Star Wars A Han Solo Movie and Bohemian Rhapsody and was delighted when asked to join the NLSF team as he firmly believes that ‘Every group needs their Beyoncé’. 

Isabel Campos Neves

Foundation in Media student in hopes of getting into the BA Film Production course.
Has a Cert HE in Theatre Arts.
Enjoys reading, photography, playing the piano, and theatre.
Is very glad to have joined the NLSF Team and help out with the My Generations Script Reading!
Aspires to be a Film Production Manager.

Jayda Oshinboni

Hello! I’m Jayda Oshinboni and I’m 22 years old. I’m from London and I am a second-year Digital Media student. In my spare time I enjoy cosplaying and gaming. My aspiration is to work in Advertising and Marketing.

Melissa Nabre

My name is Melissa Nabre, and I am a second-year student studying BA English here at Middlesex University. I have always been the kind of person you would have to watch out for in corridors, or the streets, because I would be too busy having my head stuck in a book. I am fascinated in how the English language can create these worlds with just a few words, and I really enjoy experiencing the different places these words take me. With this year’s North London Story Festival, I hope to let everyone attending explore the worlds created in the words, and hopefully open their eyes out to the hidden gems found in each and every event taking place.

Natalie Rose

My name is Natalie and I’m a second year English BA student here at Middlesex Univeristy. I’ve always been extremely passionate about literature, specifically about story telling. For me, stories have many purposes – escapism, but also critical self-reflection and analysis of the world around us. With some experience working in a publishing company, and a great passion for writing, reading and editing, I have been able to bring to the festival my keen eye for detail and my passion for stories from all genres, specifically novels and authors.

Petria Koumi

My name is Petria and I am currently in my second year of the BA English course at Middlesex University. When I was little, my mum used to read stories to me, saying “Once upon the time, the end”. This only made me want to read more on my own! Books will always be an escape into a fantasy world I wish I could enter. Novels and journalism reveal stories that capture the audience and, for me, enable the passage of life through media and writing. North London Story Festival 2019 is an opportunity for those attending to enter their own era, explore others and fully grasp each world created within them.

Sarah Raquel Jaribu

Here’s Raquel! She loves everything black and everything dark- but her favourite colour is yellow. She is a student at Middlesex, and plans on becoming a tv director/writer/presenter, and to one day open a children’s home, and free clinic for women, back home in Angola. She joined the NLSF team as she has worked in the events before and felt her skills would be of use. And a few more additions to her (great) cv isn’t a bad shout. She enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family and chosen family (lame right?), great conversation over a glass of red, and terrible dad jokes. As much as she hates injustice, she really (really) hates crocs too.

Yvonne Alexander-Taylor

Being passionate about something in life motivates one to create goals and set targets in working towards achieving them.  One of my many passions, is learning about English and sharing this knowledge with others.  I became involved in creative writing at an early age and maintained this throughout my life.  Starting the English degree at Middlesex University has opened doors and avenues within the literary world for me.  One such door is the North London Story Festival.  With my years of management experience and organising events, I leaped at the opportunity to join this year’s festival as I would be able to share my wealth of experience and develop new skills and insights into something of this scale.