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The Independent Republic of London?

Buzzfeed recently put up 13 charts showing why London is Basically Another Country, The evidence included: London is much richer, Londoners come from everywhere; which means that they speak all sorts of languages; and London is far less white than the rest of Britain; Londoners are much better qualified; and much younger. With Independence the defining political issue of the era, we provocatively ask our panel: is it London’s turn?

About the speaker

Kurt Barling has been a leading broadcaster for the BBC across four decades having joined the Television service in 1989. He has covered stories all around the world, operated undercover and in war zones. He has made dozens of primetime documentaries and has won numerous industry awards for his journalism, film-making and writing. Kurtgraduated with a PhD in International Relations and MSc in Government from the London School of Economics, where he lectured in the International Relations Department before embarking on a career in journalism. Since November 2012 he has been a Professor of Journalism in the Department of Media at Middlesex University London. His latest publications are The R Word on race and racism, and editing and publishing the seminal 1943 work by Amy BullerDarkness Over Germany which is released in the USA next month after critically acclaimed launches in Germany and the UK including two presentations to HM The Queen. His current research focusses on the impact of AI on Journalism and Democracy.

This panel discussion will take place on Tuesday 13th of March at 4:30pm in the Boardroom C219. In order to guarantee a seat for this event, please rsvp via this Eventbrite page.