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London Triptych: Three men, three lives and three eras sinuously entwine in a dark, startling and unsettling narrative of sex, exploitation and dependence set against London’s strangely constant gay underworld.

About the speaker

Jonathan Kemp was born in Manchester on the same day as the first Velvet Underground album was released. He spent the first two years of his life in Malaysia, but grew up in Cheshire and moved to London in 1989. His first novel, London Triptych (2010), was shortlisted for the inaugural Green Carnation Prize and won the Authors ’ Club Best First Novel Award. His highly praised collection of short stories, Twentysix(2011), is a milestone of literary erotica in the tradition of Georges Bataille and Jean Genet. His second novel, Ghosting was published to widespread critical acclaim in 2015. His fiction and non-fiction has appeared in Chroma , the online queer literary journal Polari, Brand Magazine, and in the anthologies Best Gay Erotica 2010 and Best Gay Short Stories 2010. Kemp teaches creative writing, literature and queer theory at Birkbeck, University of London, where he was named Distinguished Sessional Lecturer in 2010. He was a co-founder of the Planet Martha Theatre Company (1994-98).

Jonathan will be speaking at this year’s North London Story Festival on Tuesday 13th of March at 12.50pm in the Boardroom C219. In order to guarantee a seat for this event, please rsvp via this Eventbrite page.