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Hidden Temptations, Hidden Motivations: The history of British Dramatic writing can be seen as partly a progression from a Drama of Temptation to a Drama of Psychological Motivation. Rather than seeing this as a progression from one type of thing to another, we might fruitfully see it as a deepening of insight into the situations portrayed. The Temptations are still there, it’s just that we’ve put more flesh on the bones of the motivation.

In this experiential writing workshop, playwright and director (and Head of Media Department) James Martin Charlton will facilitate attendees writing their own dramatic scenes of temptation. We will explore what motivates the tempted and the tempters. We will set these scenes in London, exploring the hidden scenarios of enticement and transgression which might be encountered in the fleshpots and private spaces of our crowded capital city.

About the speaker

James Martin Charlton is a playwright, director and filmmaker. His play Fat Souls won the 1992 International Playwriting Festival and upon its premier in 1993 (Warehouse, Croydon) it was nominated for Best Fringe Play by the Writer’s Guild. His subsequent plays include Coming Up (Warehouse, Croydon), ecstasy + Grace (Finborough Theatre), Desires of Frankenstein (Open Air Theatre), I Really Must be Getting Off (White Bear Theatre), Coward (Just Some Theatre Company) and two short plays for The Miniaturists (Arcola Theatre). His new one act play Been on the Job Too Long was premièred in the opening season at new fringe venue Theatre N16 in May 2015. He has directed numerous new plays by contemporary playwrights, including three premiers by James Kenworth: Johnny Song (Warehouse, Croydon), Gob (King’s Head) and Revolution Farm (Newham City Farm). Charlton’s short film Apeth was shown at various International Film Festivals. He contributed a chapter to Story: Heart of the Matter (Greenwich Exchange, 2007). Since 2003 he has been lecturing in Scriptwriting for various media at Middlesex University, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is the Head of the Department of Media at Middlesex University.

James will be holding this workshop at this year’s North London Story Festival on Tuesday 13th of March at 11am in Room CG82. In order to guarantee a seat for this event, please rsvp via this Eventbrite page.